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Hearing Aid Repairs

During the hearing aid selection process, your hearing professional will discuss relevant information with you regarding the care and maintenance of your device. This information includes tips that can help to prevent minor and major damages to the device. Hearing devices that begin to output weak sounds, have damaged tubing or aren’t working as well as they used to, may need to be repaired. Thankfully, Hear For You in Pensacola FL offers timely onsite repairs when the damage isn’t extensive. Our professionals are trained to repair a variety of hearing aids including: Siemens Signia, Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, and Starkey models. 

Cleaning and maintenance

Earwax is the leading cause of hearing aid malfunction. Debris can work it's way into the microphone ports, battery door, or receiver. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and cleaning brush can help keep the hearing aids working properly. We also suggest using a hearing aid dehumidifier and UV disinfecting case. 

Why do hearing aids need repairs?

When normal maintenance and cleaning schedules aren’t followed, hearing devices break down. Just like any other electric device, they are prone to breakage when misused. Negligence is not the only thing that can break a hearing aid. Extreme sun exposure, trying to force in the wrong battery and water damage are other things that can harm your hearing aid. When hearing aids begin to output low-quality sound, it is usually a sign that they need to be checked by one of our specialists. 

Seeking a professional opinion

Hearing aid repairs that are overwhelming should always be brought in to a hearing specialist. Prices are reasonable starting at only $99.99, and it won’t void the warranty. Getting an onsite repair is also a great time to touch basis with a hearing healthcare professional about the best ways to keep hearing devices in great shape. Small changes to the hardware or software can yield massive benefits to the overall use of the product.