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Don Lloyd

Best hearing aid assistance ever received via John Dennis and Hear For You (Pensacola). John listens, cares, and responds as a true professional. He's razor-focused on providing the very best service and recommendations for hearing aids suited to specific customer hearing challenges and budgetary considerations. John recommended a perfect solution for me with the Siemens Signia Silk hearing aids. They've exceed expectations. I love the micro-size, simplicity, and wear-comfort, as well as the ability to control settings with my iPhone or a mini remote unit. John programmed the settings impressively on my first visit, and then tweaked to perfection on a follow-up (after I had a little wearing time experience). John is a true professional, and a most ethical individual. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch, customer-focused Audiologist to assist your hearing needs.

Joseph D. Harrigan 

My first attempt with hearing aids was more than 20 years ago. That was a very expensive disappointment and I stopped using them after many many attempts to adjust them.

Over time my “what?” responses were driving everyone around me half-crazy forcing me to try shopping for hearing solutions again. Having visited some of the big-name providers and coming away with monstrous estimates I abandoned the idea, researched the lesser expensive hearing amplifier option and for roughly $300 found an acceptable solution with a well known name brand. Though this option helped, everything was AMPLIFIED. Wadding up a piece of paper became a major hearing trauma.

A workmate who had experienced similar frustrations with big-name providers visited John at Hear For You and could not say enough about his happiness with having done so and with his decision to purchase aids at less than half the big-name providers. Hearing this I decided to call John and make an appointment.

John was comfortably professional, accommodating, and thorough. Like my workmate I made the purchase recommended and the result... another very satisfied customer! 

I would recommend John and Hear For You Pensacola to anyone considering hearing aids.

Joe Harrigan

Nathan walker

They truly care about you hearing better. They went out of their way to explain everything to me and really helped me improve my hearing. Thank you all.

James Adams

Thank you John for your personal attention, professional manner and patience is helping me get fitted for hearing aids. Great job!!!

Christina Hymes

I wanted to shout out at John for helping me get my hearing aids reprogrammed. It's been a few years and I desperately needed it and can tell a big difference. I also looooove they they can come to your home and do the same service in office at your home for you. so far I'm hearing better than I ever have. it's amazing and it's not picking up everything and then some. my Oticon Opn1 cancel out most of the filler noises and air sounds most hearing aids don't cancel out. anyways. super happy. if you're struggling don't wait. ask for John to help you:)

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